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Our Collection of Industry Leading MOI Putters

Cure Putter Collection X Classic RX Series

At Cure Putters we’ve been industry leaders in MOI, stability, adjustability, and performance for nearly a decade. Whether you are a high handicapper or the best player at your local country club, you will benefit from the increased performance our “form follows function” design offers. With 9 models and countless customizable options to choose from, you will be sure to find something that Cures you! Check out the models below and learn more about our performance advantage, adjustability, compare your putter’s MOI and check out our comprehensive lab testing data.

Tour X1 golf putter
Tour X2 golf putter
Tour X3 golf putter
The TourX Series (from $299.95)

Designed with feedback from our Tour Players, the Cure TourX Series features a slightly smaller head (4.85”) than our other designs with a sleeker, lower profile, multi-metal design. The TourX Series utilizes a lightweight aluminum head, heavy tungsten weights in the heel and toe for maximized MOI, and removeable steel weights for adjustability. With a High MOI, true roll and 36 grams of weight adjustability, the TourX Series offers our superior performance and versatility in tour proven designs. Available in the square back TX1, rounded back TX2, and the fang back TX3. Precision Milled in the USA! Conforms to USGA Rules.

Tour CX1 golf putter
Tour CX2 golf putter
Tour CX3 golf putter
The ClassicX Series (from $279.95)

The Award Winning Cure ClassicX Series features incredible stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in a visually stunning, traditional blade style putter.  The CX Series is designed with an aluminum head (5”) , tungsten weight in the heel and toe for extremely High MOI, plus 42g of weight adjustability via 6 removable steel weights. The CX Series combines the performance advantages of a Higher MOI mallet with the simple, clean appearance of a blade. Available in the square back CX1, mid mallet CX2, and the full mallet CX3. Precision Milled in the USA! Conforms to USGA Rules.

Tour RX3 golf putter
Tour RX4 golf putter
Tour RX5 golf putter
The RX Series (from $259.95)

 The Cure RX Series is the highest performing series we offer. It features a slightly oversized aluminum head (5.25”, 5.5”, 6”) yielding our Highest MOI, maximum weight range adjustability with steel weights (up to 200 grams!) and patented lie angle adjustment. This delivers unparalleled stability throughout your stroke, while allowing an extreme amount of weight and lie angle combinations. You can easily dial in the perfect fit and feel to suit your stroke and tempo and change your setting anytime you wish. Available in the heel shafted RX3 (5.25”) and center shafted RX4 (5.5”) or RX5 (6”). Precision Milled in the USA! Conforms to USGA Rules.


See how your style of putter compares
  • The RX series is amazing! Have the RX3 in my bag!"

    - Doug Hendricks, PGA Professional / Host of Winning Golf TV

  • I bought one this Spring and I love it. Best putter that I have ever used (and I have used a bunch!)."

    - Brad Vandermeulen

  • "I love my cure putter! My putting has improved a lot! I call him The Sinker."

    - Marcio Borguezan