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Cure lie adjustment mechanism

Adjustable Putter Advantages: Lie Angles 
A common problem is that a putter’s lie angle can either be too flat or too upright - with limited adjustability or no ability to adjust at all. That’s why we created our Adjustable Lie Putters. The adjustability allows you to find the putter lie angle that works best for you. Cure Putter Adjustable Lie putters use the Patented Cure Lie Angle Adjustment Mechanism, allowing infinite adjustment from 8º flatter than standard, all the way up to the most upright putter position that is allowed by the putter lie angle rules. So you can custom fit your lie angle in about 2 minutes and the shafts are easily interchangeable.

Adjustable weight ranges

Adjustable Putter Advantages: Putter Weight
Putter weight can play an equally important role in your putting performance, and just like the lie angle, the “ideal weight” varies by person and situation. That being said, putter weighting can be tricky and there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution - making adjustable weight putters the one of the best options.

Both our TX and CX series putters offer more weight range adjustability than the competition and our RX series offers a staggering 200+ grams of adjustable weight. Lab testing confirms that every player has an “optimal weight” and that weight can vary drastically from player to player. Having an adjustable weight putter with the range we offer guarantees you will find your optimal weight and sink more putts.