Save $60 on RX5 Series Putters

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Performance Advantage

Improved face angle variation

With a 50% improvement in face angle variation range the hole feels twice as big!

Maximizing MOI to Create the Most Forgiving Putter
Moment of Inertia (MOI) is resistance to twisting and changes in direction from unwanted movements in the stroke. Increased MOI means increased STABILITY YOU CAN FEEL throughout the entire putting process, making it one of the most forgiving putters. Cure Putters’ High MOI design significantly reduces face angle variation at impact and improves accuracy - making them the best putters for high handicappers to Tour Professionals.

Stability with Highest Moment of Inertia

Stability is Key for Putters for High Handicappers
It’s generally understood that High MOI putters are more stable through impact and are only forgiving on off-center hits. This is true, however, it is not the extent of the benefit. LAB TESTING confirms dramatic improvement in both forgiveness AND stroke quality resulting in tighter dispersion patterns for players of all calibers, from Tour Players to high handicappers.

Our MOI COMPARISON chart shows how we stack up against other styles of putters, and our advantage over the competition is clear. Our blade style putters outperform other companies’ “High MOI” designs. With over 200+ grams of weight range and a patented adjustable lie angle mechanism, our putters offer class-leading ADJUSTABILITY. This adjustable putter design allows us to fit a player to their true optimum weight as well as the perfect lie angle.

Center hit Impact ratio