Company History

It all started in the spring of 2013 when retired architect Steve Davis walked off the range at his home club, Hammock Dunes after taking a lesson with PGA Professional, Jeff Ryan. Steve noticed a “monstrosity” of a putter in Jeff’s bag and started asking questions... Steve was curious and decided to roll a few putts with it as Jeff explained the advantages of the High MOI mallet. Their conversation continued, noting the putter’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall design. The ideas started to flow and before long the two were collaborating on a revolutionary new putter design and decided that they would test their ideas by building a few putters. 

The goal was to create a more reliable, more forgiving putter that would reduce or eliminate several variables that contribute to putting problems. Guided by the principle "Form Follows Function", they began by considering what attributes EVERY golfer would benefit from.

• Higher MOI: Increased stability, forgiveness and distance control - Achieved by larger face, light weight aircraft aluminum with extreme perimeter weighting allowing for dramatically higher MOI, at any weight setting weight

• Adjustable Weight : Wider range of weight, from standard to very heavy, allowing you to dial in the perfect feel to suit your stroke and tempo, with MOI increasing as weight is added - Achieved by developing a proprietary weight system which allows multiple weight combinations at the heel and toe

• Adjustable Lie Angle & Interchangeable Shafts:  The ability to custom fit any golfer, tall, short, left or right handed in minutes with standard, mid-length, or belly putter - Achieved by proprietary, rotating shaft disc assembly and removable, interchangeable shafts

• Better Roll:  Eliminate backspin and get the ball rolling sooner to stay on the intended line - Achieved by a higher center of gravity, lower loft, and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator

Within a few weeks all their ideas, discussions, and drawings came to life as they assembled the very first RX1 prototype with parts commissioned from a local machine shop. They sat in Steve’s rec room anxiously waiting for the epoxy to set and secure the shaft so they could see how their design performed. After what seemed like an eternity, the glue had set. They took the putter, adjusted the weight and lie angle and started rolling putts. They were astonished at the results - incredible stability and control, great feel, very consistent and great sound too - they immediately knew that they had created something special. 

Excitement grew and they began showing the putter to friends as well as professional golfers and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Soon, they traveled up to TPC where they presented the RX1 putter to Deane Beman, former PGA TOUR Commissioner. At first glance, Deane’s eyes lit up and said, “I know what you’ve got there - that’s a lie adjustable, High MOI putter!” Deane eagerly rolled a few putts, watching one drop after another and said, “This is the most technologically advanced putter ever made. I want to be involved.”

Needless to say, Steve and Jeff were beyond ecstatic to receive such a compliment from Deane Beman, a man who was not only had a tremendous career as a professional golfer, but had also played such a significant role in the success and growth of the sport during his 20 years serving as PGA TOUR Commissioner. Not only did Mr. Beman love the putter and the science behind it, but he wanted to be involved! 

In the coming months, Cure Putters was officially formed and Deane Beman joined the company as an equity partner, playing an important role in product development and testing. They assembled a diverse team, set up manufacturing and fulfillment procedures and the went on to launch the RX1 & RX2  at the 2014 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, FL. The response was overwhelming, with players, pros, and celebrities crowding the booth to get a putter fitting and check out these unique new putters! During the show, Cure Putters were featured on Golf Channel's Morning Drive and the PGA SHOW SPOTLIGHT listed Cure Putters #1 on their list of new products!

In June of 2014, Jim Barfield, former Co-Founder of Rife Putters left the company he helped build to join Cure Team as VP of Professional Tours. 

In July 2014, new shaft and color options were introduced and the momentum continued to build as the Cure RX Series Putters gained traction in the market.  Everyone from high handicappers to Tour players were seeing remarkable improvements in their putting. R&D continued and several new models began to take shape.

In 2015, Cure introduced 5 new models, the RX1 Tour and RX2 Tour which are essentially smaller profile versions of the original, High MOI, center shafted RX1 and RX2.  The RX3, a High MOI, heel shafted, tri-sole putter with a smaller profile and full adjustability. The RX3F has the addition of a rear flange. And last but certainly not least, the RXi, a High MOI blade style putter with a more traditional look and feel, featuring interchangeable face inserts and adjustable weight. 

Throughout 2015, Cure continued to experience explosive growth, with nearly 600 domestic retail accounts and distribution in 6 countries. Cure Putters became the Fastest Growing Putter on the Champions Tour and has a growing number of LPGA players.

The 2016 line up includes 6 new models, starting with the Cure Classic Series, a High MOI blade putter. Very traditional in style, just slightly oversized with large tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe, creating the most aggressive weight ratio of any blade putter in history. The Classic Series CX1 and CX2 are square back and round back blades respectively with incredible stability and forgiveness that rivals the leading High MOI mallets. 

The RX Series evolved in 2016 with 4 new models, a redesigned RX3 and brand new RX4, RX5 and RX6. Building on the success of the previous models, the New RX Series putters have been refined with a more streamlined look at address and a precision milled face for a softer feel. 

Cure Putters are engineered to perform and represent the new benchmark in putter technology.