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Here's what golfers have to say about Cure Putters:

"It's a great putter and it's completely changed my career for the last month - just being able to be on the plus side of strokes gained putting. As soon as I put this putter in the bag, I made a cut and then finished in the top 25, then I finished in the top five,  I almost won Dallas. I had a good chance at congressional, I just didn’t hit it as good but my putter kept me going in the Top 10. I was + 2.38 in putting - I don't think I've ever been that my career. That’s huge! If I can have bad weeks in ball striking and still finish in the Top 10 like that, it just makes me smile. It's just awesome. I'm so excited. Everybody's asking me about it now that I'm playing well and putting well.

I've putted with a number of putters over the years, long short, I've probably done everything - It was really refreshing when I picked up the Cure putter. It's really nice, the roll is incredible... and once I picked one of these up, I started rolling putts in right away. That gave me confidence and confidence in the game is everything."

- Robert Garrigus, PGA Tour Player



“The MOI keeps the putter on line better and it's a bigger sweet spot, so thats pretty simple right there and that's what you want in putting. The last couple years I've been in and out of different types of putters, but the Cure has just been a total opposite change from all these other putters. You can tell it right away when you first start using it, it's incredible.

Everybody wants to make more putts, so give it a try. The feel is amazing, it's improved my putting stats dramatically and it's brought a lot of fun back into the game of golf for me.

- Steve Jones, Champions Tour Player



“I finally just started recently using the Cure putter. I've tried several others. If you want a putter that's perfectly balanced and comes off the face as sweet as anything, a Cure putter is probably the one for you. I've gone with the CX2 and I'm doing very well with it."

- Peter Senior, Champions Tour Player



"My Cure RX Series putter is the most stable putter I have ever used. My putting stats have improved dramatically. The ball rolls great and I have averaged nearly 5 birdies per round! The results speak for themselves and I encourage all players to check it out."

- Rod Spittle, Champions Tour Player



"I've been putting with the CURE for over a year now. My confidence on the greens is higher than it has been in a very long time. I give a lot of that credit to the CURE technology. Looking forward to more WINS with this putter."

- Pat Stephens, PGA - Head Men's Golf Coach at Eastern Kentucky University



“I’ve had some great success with my Cure Putter over the last year. The extreme stability and forgiveness of these putters is remarkable and something I think most players will benefit from. As a club professional who owns my own shop, I love the ability to easily custom fit my members with the adjustable lie angle and weight system. It’s a great combination of features and performance.”

- Craig, Thomas, Head Golf Professional at Metropolis Country Club



"Weird looking putter that I purchased after trying while on vacation. My scores were mid to low 80s with lots of 3 putts. NOW after using the RX2... Scores are in the low 70s with only one 3 putt in 20 rounds. I’m saving about 6 strokes per round! From TifEagle to MiniVerdi greens, 5 different courses. ...what a joy it is too have so much confidence on the greens. To say im pleased is an understatement. Feeling fabulous."

 - Dr. Thomas LeTourneau



"I have bought a lot of golf stuff that promised a lot of things and this putter is the first one that delivers. I absolutely love it! I recently shot even par for the first time in my life and it was the putter that saved my score time after time. It took a couple of weeks to get used to it as it would any new putter, but I like it more every time I use it."

- Jerry Robinson



"I bought one this Spring and I love it. Best putter that I have ever used (and I have used a bunch!)."

- Brad Vandermeulen



"I got an RX2 last week. Even putting in my living room I was sold on how amazing this putter is. Today I finally got to take it out to the course. I'm not a very good golfer...about 20 index. I didn't hit the ball very well today, and had my best score on the course that I play most frequently! It was all due to my putting! I made about a 65 footer for birdie, and another birdie putt from about 30 feet. I don't think I've had a single birdie in my last 4-5 rounds. These are probably my two longest putts made, and both in the same day! On top of these two, I made quite a few from 8-12 feet. My friend that I always play golf with said today was by far my best day ever putting, and I think he'll be getting a Cure putter soon too!

Thank you for such an outstanding product! Now I just need to find a cure to my irons and woods!"

- Gene Azevedo



"The RX series is amazing! Have the RX3 in my bag!"

- Doug Hendricks, PGA Professional / Host of Winning Golf TV



"LOVE MY CURE. The ball rolls like it has a mind of it own"

- Kenneth Travis



"I love my cure putter! My putting has improved a lot! I call him The Sinker."

- Marcio Borguezan



"Best putter I've ever used! Plus the weight and lie adjustments are game changing!!!!"

- Marc Segal



"I have the RX4. Loving every minute of it."

- Wes Owens



"Been using one for 4 months and playing golf for a very long time... The best I have ever used."

- Gary Campe



"You can't get my cure putter away from me. The best putter I have ever used and bought. Scores are down 10 %, and I had back surgery too."

- David Boyle



"I love my cure putter this putter makes a huge difference in my confidence to make more putts."

- Rick Northcott



"Currently playing the RX3 and have been for the last 7 months and I can simply say the best putter I've ever put in the bag!!! It's gonna make its appearance at the Missouri amateur this year!!! Looking forward to it!! Shout out to CURE for their awesome products and can't wait to see what I get my hands on next from you guys!!!"

- Devin Brown



"Best putter I've ever had! Off center strikes roll perfectly. Customer service at Cure is incredible too!"

- Patrick Flynn



"Great putter. I have really dropped strokes because of the accuracy and smooth roll. People can say anything they want - play it and compare. My RX2 blows all my other putters away."

- Patrick Chaney



"This putter is the real deal. I put the RX3 in the bag and won my first tournament with it, the WAGT National Championships and qualified for TEAM USA!"

- John Duval



"Quite simply the best putter I have ever used. Period."

- Ken Alterwitz



"I thought it was a gimmick, but after using one it works great. I have gone from low 70s back into the upper 60s on average. Making almost 100 % on all 6 foot and in putts. That is what use to kill me with my old putter. I am starting to sell off all my other putters. But when you first try out the putter do not get frustrated. The putter is just like all the drivers out there you can change it to your stroke. So after a few minor changes with the weights and shaft placement - It is gold now."

- Jonathan Myers



"I love this putter, love the lie adjustment, that way you can adjust it to fit you instead of adjusting to the club. It made and unbeleavable difference in my game - dropped strokes for sure."

- Laramie Jordan



"Definitely not a gimmick. I've owned a million putters...none of them offer the forgiveness or customization the Cure offers. It looks funky, but it works, and the results got me over that quickly. I'm a 4 handicap."

- McKay Lyvers



"Love my Cure Putter. I'm savings 3 strokes each round."

- Jeff Bryngelson



"Really like my new Cure putter. I'm sinking more putts, but more importantly lagging more long putts to within three feet."

- Brian Durr



"My RX4 is saving me at least 3 shots around right now! Absolutely love it!"

- Craig Hudson



"Played in my first tournament with my Cure putter yesterday, I made more putts that I have ever made! I really believe that I am putting the best in my life, thanks Cure Putters!"

- Matt Brown



"Thanks to the guys at Cure Putters - I put it in play for the first time today and had 26 putts. The ball comes off the face rolling as good as any putter I have ever tried. Keep up the good work!!!" 

- Scott Erlich



"I bought this at the last Insperity Championship in The Woodlands. Got a few laughs when I put it in the bag. Played with some NYFD guys at Pelham Bay and one of the guys thought I stole a piece of firefighting equipment from one their trucks. I told him it was actually a medical device...then I proceeded to putt lights out the whole day... Comments subsided thereafter."

- Charlie Beck



"Ugliest putter I've ever LOVED! You can't get this outta my bag."

- J Lynn “Doc” Griffin, Owner Doc Griffin Golf - Professional Club Fitting, instruction & Repair



"Cure Putters rock. I shot a 66 for 18 at Carrington Golf Course. Front nine used the RX3 and the back used the RX2! 17 putts all together! Awesome feel!"

 - Matthew Lake



"I sunk a fantastic double breaking 65 foot putt for birdie yesterday thanks to my new RX2 putter! You guys make a fantastic product - I've never rolled the ball so well in my life."

- Cody Armstrong



"I took the RX3 out to the course for the first time Saturday. Put it in play in a tournament for my first experience with it on a green. First thing I noticed was the sound. A nice little tink sound is produced. Love that sound.

Stability. I played the RX3 at 481g, I believe. It was more weight than I have ever played a putter at, but it felt extremely comfortable. I will play around with different weighting soon. Just starting out playing with this and need to find the best feel for me. But have to say again, stable. The putter stayed true to my intended line all day. Easier to make putts when the club head does not twist and hits the ball square. 

MOI. This thing is crazy with forgiveness. At 5.25" wide, it's like hitting the center every time. Loved not having to worry about hitting it out toward the toe or towards the heel. 
My Cure RX3 has generated a lot of interest from golfing buddies and it will be getting passed around, as they all want to experience it. I'm willing to share, but remember it's mine and it goes into my bag when we play. If you like it, get your own."

 - Eddie Collier



"My Cure RX3 putter helped me make harder putts and win more tournaments!"

- Eric L., 6 years old - US Kids Tour, Orlando Champion and Player of the Year for 6U groups boys.



"I thought I would give you a follow up report on the use of my Cure Putter. Our group plays 3 times a weeks, I've been using it for the last 14 rounds and the results have been amazing! I Have reduced an average of 4 putting strokes from each round and my buddies are not happy thanks to you." 

- Dan Horwitz, Ready Caddy



"First round ever gaming a Cure RX3F and I won the flight in my tournament. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I ended up with 30 putts on the day which is undoubtedly the lowest I've had this year. Stability is the word that I would really use when describing this putter. Another thing that is really resonating with me is that my lag was incredible, balls that didn't go in were all around the hole and easy easy tap ins. 

I know that I don't hit the middle of the putter each time when taking a stroke but when I did miss the center I still saw a great roll put consistently on the ball.

I saw the possibility yesterday of becoming a REALLY good putter and I haven't felt that in a LONG time. I got a glimpse of what this putter can do and I am honestly absolutely blown away."

- Michael Cook



"Bought a RX2 putter at the Haggin Oaks show this last weekend. This is the first putter that I saw immediate results. I own 6 putters, Odyssey, Rife, Ghost, Ping, etc. After the first round of of golf using the RX2, I had 10 one puts,(12 handicap,I usually have 3 or 4). Today I played and ended up birdieing 4 holes, and 8 one puts, amazing....... for me, it is the first piece of golf equipment that immediately improved my game.

When I showed up for my first round, the guys were kidding me about my plumbing contraption, at the end, they were trying it out, asking questions and telling me that they haven't ever seen me put so good (I made a 20 footer and three 10 footers). Great product. Thanks."

- Roman



"I first saw the Cure Putter in an advertisement in the PGA Magazine. The look was a bit odd but I was curious about the 0 degree loft and thought that makes total sense when looking for a true roll. I always had trouble with the ball hopping on me.

The order was placed and as soon as I had set the putter up the way I liked the putts started dropping. Not only was I able to keep the ball on line but my distance control on longer putts was a lot more consistent.

The members at the club give me a bit of grief over the look and sound but I just tell them I bet everyone said the same thing when the original Ping putters came out. I sneak up to the putting green when an unsuspecting group is practicing before their round and they give me grief then I let them try the putter. I have sold 8 Cure putters in this manner. Best putter I have ever owned."


- Kenny Saunders, PGA 
  Director of Golf / Head Golf Professional at The Sound Golf Links at Albemarle Plantation in Hertford, NC



" When Joshua Dunn suggested I try the Cure RX2 Putter, I was very reluctant. The putter had a look that was not traditional. With barely two weeks to go before the John Paonessa Memorial Pro-Am, it did not seem wise to switch to a putter I had not yet proven for myself. Little did I know that I would later credit my victory on September 24, 2014, to this incredible, innovative putter.

From the age of 13 to about 22, I actually worked at Mohansic Golf Course in Yorktown Heights on the driving range and in the pro shop. In the year 2000, I declared myself a Professional Golfer by playing in the John Paonessa Memorial Pro-Am at Mohansic. I always wanted to win the tournament for obvious reasons. Yet for 14 years, this dream eluded me.

I had been hitting the ball well coming into the tournament. Ironically, however, I missed every single green for the first 8 holes, hitting 7 out of 18 overall. The greens were very fast and I only made a couple birdies. It did not seem like the formula for a win. So how did I pull it off? The Cure RX2 gave me the edge that I needed. This “different looking” putter also had a different feeling to it. Because of the way it is weighted, it literally seemed to swing itself - making it easy to produce a pendulum type stroke. I was very comfortable with it. It was as if the putter did the work for me. It stayed stable and felt balanced. My confidence in my putting soared! I would say that all day long any putt that was within the 7 to 8 foot range went in. Without making those putts and all the shorter ones as well, the victory would not have happened.

On the 18th hole, I missed the green again, chipped it up to about 3 ½ feet and made the right to left breaking putt. At that time, I did not know my rank in the standings. That putt was the difference between going big and going home. So I want to thank Joshua Dunn for his persistence in urging me to try the Cure RX2 Putter. It helped me to bring a long-standing dream to reality."

- Andrew Farrell, Director of Junior Golf at Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy



"I was introduced to the Cure putters by the local representative Bill Higgins. He had asked me to roll a few putts with this new putter, and so I did. Immediately putt after putt seemed to roll perfectly straight despite the archer. Bill began to tell me about the technology of the putter and it’s really is great stuff. I have always been interested in less loft in putters and found that attribute to deliver one of the smoothest rolls of a ball I’ve seen. The ball hugged the ground end over end in the straightest of lines. Needless to say I’ve been CURED, a definite script for holing more putts! This putter has immediately given me more confidence that I’ll hole more putts. I’m enjoying it immensely and enjoying the curiosity by fellow players. I can’t wait to explain to them all this putter has to offer. I wish you and the company all the best!"

- Camile Collier, Yale University, Asst. Pro



"I bought my Cure Putter about a month ago. I have used it for 15 rounds. I have not had one 3 putt since I put it in my bag. Knock on wood cuz I'm about to go play in about an hour... But, I couldn't be happier with it. I'm a 5 handicap and I would recommend this putter to everyone."

- Jon Yates, Edgewater Park NJ



"Thanks to my Cure RX1, I won the longest putt contest at last weekends charity golf tournament!"

- Kris Walmer



"I have never used any one club that could really change my golf game until now. At first I was very skeptical looking at the size and shape of the different colors - I thought it was very gimmicky, but once I put it in my hands and used it, it is by far the best putter I have ever touched... The most consistent putter I've ever used - it is lights out..."

- Mike Caporale, Mini Tour Player



"My Cure RX1 putter performed very very well last week on its first outing at Kingsbarns. I should tell you that my 2 other playing partners were also very impressed and liked how it rolled. My father is waiting to get his hands on it to give it a go!"

- Steve Jones



"I won my one and only tournament with the RX2. Made every 5 footer! I also played with the runner-up who had seen my play prior to obtaining your equipment, and he was impressed with my improvement. I'm heading off to San Antonio to play in a two day event with the putter!"




“I purchased an RX2 in March and have been using it ever since. Mine is the 40" length, although I have it set at the maximum weight and the flattest possible lie and I putt with it in a conventional style. My results have been absolutely fantastic! Mr. Beman's "triangular" alignment system has proven to be just the thing for me and I now putt with complete confidence that the ball is going to go exactly where I stroke it. It's a cliche among golfers to say that a new club or a technique improvement is "worth two shots," but my RX2 has been worth at LEAST that. The only downside is that I'm now coming to realize that I've never been as good at reading greens as I thought! But I'll deal with that separately. In any event, you make an excellent product and I wish you continued success with it! ”  

- Sam Spear (4 handicap), Charlotte NC



“Just want you to know that I had my BEST EVER putting round in a tournament on last Saturday and may have sold a putter to an SMU football coach.  He said in all the years that we have played together;  he’s never seen me putt so well.  I have to agree with him.  Thanks again, and I’ll keep you posted.”  

- Reggie Aitch



“This putter is fantastic.”  

- Michael Breed, The Golf Channel's "Golf Fix"



“Alignment has always been important to me.  I’ve always been a good reader of the greens, and if this putter will help me aim the way Deane says it can, then this putter can eliminate a lot my anxiety.” 

- Bruce Fleisher, former PGA TOUR player



"The putter was amazing.  The alignment was good and easy, and the distance control was repeatable. For my customers this is going to reduce their three putts, and help on long putts. I'm going to sell a lot of these."  

-  Edward Czerwinski, owner of Golf Fore Less (Hyannis, MA)



"I took it out on the course today and hit the ball pretty mediocre, but with this putter I still made six birdies and shot a 67."

- Thomas Wartelle, PGA Professional, Director of Golf at Jackson Kearney Group in Washington, LA.



"This year, this is without a doubt the best item at the show, not only for my own game but for my students as well."

- Howard Wykoff, 35-year PGA Professional



“This is the next big thing in putting. This is one sweet feeling putter. My three putts have disappeared, the game is easier now. I just aim for the middle of the green because I know I can two putt; and I make a lot more putts now.”

- G.G., Boca Raton, Florida



“Since switching to the RX1 putter I've noticed major improvements in my putting. The major advantage to the RX1 putter has been how true the ball rolls when the putt is struck off center . Putts that were lipping out or burning the edge when stroked off center are now in the middle of the cup. My speed has improved drastically which has virtually eliminated three putts. I couldn't be more pleased with the technology in the RX1 putter and can't wait to start the season.”

- Justin Jones, Mini Tour Player



“This is the best feeling putter I have ever had. The mishits with this putter are sweeter than the best hit with my old putters. It is just amazing!”

- D.I. Palm Coast, Florida



"From the moment I hit the first putt with the RX2, I knew something was different, wasn't sure exactly what, but I immediately knew this putter could be a game changer.
I have never putted better, not even close."

- Marty Cothern, Jacksonville, Florida



"This putter will unequivocally improve your game. Their technology allows for incredible feel on long putts with unmatched stability on the 2-3 footers."

- Jay Jones