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High MOI Performance Advantage

Incredible Forgiveness

It is generally understood that High MOI putters are more stable at impact for more forgiveness on off center hits.  This is true, however, most people think that is the extent of the benefit, and for many other High MOI putters, that may be the case. However we have found that Cure’s Extremely High MOI, combined with finding a player’s “IDEAL WEIGHT” positively effects several important aspects of putting in both the stroke, and strike, beyond merely increased forgiveness at impact.


More Square at Impact

Cure’s extremely High MOI, combined with weight optimization results in dramatic reduction of Face Angle Variation (FAV) at impact. This means the putter face is more square at impact to start the ball on your intended line. Every player has an individual “IDEAL WEIGHT” to best match their stroke and tempo. In addition to Independent Lab testing by Quintic Labs USA, Cure’s fitting lab has tested hundreds of golfers with a 100% success rate in reducing FAV at impact compared to their current putter. Regardless of skill level or stroke type, once fitted in a Cure Putter at their individual “IDEAL WEIGHT”, every player experienced an immediate, dramatic improvement, reducing their FAV at impact by over 50% on average.
(see chart on at bottom)


Tighter Putt Dispersion

More forgiveness on off-center hits combined with a 50% reduction in Face Angle Variation at impact results in much better distance and directional control for a much tighter putt dispersion and more putts made. Lab testing results indicate that finding your personal “IDEAL WEIGHT” will significantly improve tempo and ball speed consistency as well. Extremely High MOI combined with weight optimization offers exponential performance gains.