Cure Putter RX5 - High MOI Putter 2019

The RX5 is the largest size putter in the RX Series with a 6" Profile, featuring extremely High MOI, a wide range of adjustable weight, an adjustable lie angle and Cure's new T-Bar alignment.
Cure Putters RX5 Image
"My Cure RX Series putter is the most stable putter I have ever used. My putting stats have improved dramatically. The ball rolls great and I have averaged nearly 5 birdies per round! The results speak for themselves and I encourage all players to check it out."
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The Cure RX5 has extremely High MOI

This delivers incredible stability throughout your stroke, helps you square the putter at impact and offers unmatched forgiveness on mishits. This translates to better distance and directional control and improved consistency.

Fully customizable with a wide range of both weight and lie adjustability, you can easily dial in the perfect fit and feel to suit your stroke and tempo and change your setting anytime you wish. Additionally, shafts are interchangeable and can be converted from R to L handed.

Why Cure Putters?

With Industry Leading MOI and tour proven results, no other putter on the market offers the performance benefits of a Cure Putter. Resistance to twist, stability through impact and unparalleled adjustability make this flatstick a top choice for amateurs and professionals alike. With 6 wins, 10 top 5's and countless top ten's, professionals across all major tours have chosen a Cure Putter to help them putt better. If you want to be a better putter you need to get a better putter. Read more about MOI and its benefits...