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Putter Launch Monitor Metrics; an Introduction to Face Angle Variation

The growing use of launch monitor metrics has revolutionized club fitting. Woods & irons today are routinely fit on the basis of launch monitor metrics: launch angle and direction, spin rate, smash factor, carry distance and club twist at impact.

Putter Launch Monitor Metrics

The use of putting launch monitors is not yet as widespread, but is growing. The single most important putter launch monitor metric is face angle variation. The face can be closed, square or open at impact. In the example below the face angle variation range is 2.0o (1.0o closed to 1.0o open). Even in the “stopped- frame” view below, one degree is not easy to see. In real time it very hard to see.

Putter Launch Monitor Metrics;

Face angle is the overwhelming determiner of the direction of the ball. Stroke path is much less important.

Face angle variation can be reduced by increasing the MOI, moment of inertia, of your putter. Putting launch monitor testing has confirmed that high MOI putters can reduce face angle variation range by 50%, or more! While this fact is not yet widely known, the growing use of putting launch monitors will confirm this game changing fact.

Increasing the MOI, moment of inertia, of your putter makes it more STABLE; and this added STABILITY is reflected in decreased face angle variation. This is physics; and this is a game changer!

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