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Cure Putters Introduces New Classic Series: High MOI Blade Putters


Cure Putters “The Fastest Growing Putter on the Champions Tour” announced the introduction of its new Classic Series cx1 and cx2 putters today. Cure Putters has led the industry in delivering the Highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) in putters since launching in 2014; the new Classic Series delivers the incredible stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in a visually stunning, traditional blade style putter. It’s the best of both worlds.

The initial launch of the Classic Series includes two new models: the cx1, a square back blade; and the cx2, a round back blade. These 100% CNC Milled aluminum putters are slightly oversized (5” blade length) with tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe, plus 42g of weight adjustability via 6 removable weights, providing a simple, traditional look at address, with twice the MOI and stability of a typical blade!

The cx1 and cx2 putters are offered in an anodized black or platinum finish. The cx1 has an adjustable weight range from 334 to 376 grams; with MOI ranging from 6,400 to 7,200 g/cm2. The cx2 can be adjusted from 342 to 384 grams; with MOI ranging from 6,550 to 7,350 g/cm2.

“We introduced the new Classic Series putters on the Champions Tour the week before the 3M Championship,” said Jim Barfield, Vice President of Tour Operations for Cure Putters. “The response was overwhelmingly positive and the following week at the 3M, 7 of the 81 putters in play were Cure Putters… In the twelve years I’ve been out here on the tour, I’ve never seen a new putter create such a buzz among the players and be put into play so quickly - that’s how good these new classic series putters are. The Tour Players said they love the look, sound and roll of the new cx1 and cx2 putters. They’re taking the Champions Tour by storm!”

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