RX Series
A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Putter Technology
Triangulation Alignment (RX2) Golfers of all skill levels will find the Rx2 triangulation alignment system easier, more intuitive and more dependable.
Moment of Inertia MOI is resistance to twisting and the RX series has more MOI gram for gram than any other putter in golf today.
Stability The RX putters are more stable throughout the stroke... takeaway, back stroke, transition, fore stroke and impact.
Lie Adjustability Lie adjustable from 10° to 24° and reversible from right to left handed - Your RX putter will fit you personally.
Weight Adjustability Weight adjustable from 350 to 600 grams - the RX is the most versatile putter in golf today.
Medio-Lateral Dispersion The very high MOI (resistance to twisting) means less twisting at impact - more putts made.
Distance Control Even extreme mishits jump off the face of this putter meaning better distance control.
Zero Loft Tru-Roll The zero loft and higher center of gravity of the RX head produces quicker, smoother, better roll without spin.
About Deane

Deane Beman is one of the all-time great putters in the game. Retired PGA Tour Commissioner, Beman is two time U.S. Amateur Champion, British Amateur Champion, five time PGA Tour winner and represented the USA in international competitions eleven times.

Mr. Beman is the co-inventor of the RX2 and part owner of Veritas Golf Company.

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